Panorama International Literature Festival on the theme Prana: The Breath 

Madrid (Spain).  The month-long Panorama International Literature aimed at fostering humanitarian values across the globe culminated in a magnificent ceremony which was held virtually. Hundreds of writers from around the world attended the event and also shared their experiences during the festival. This is the fourth season of PILF which has won a world record for being the lengthiest literature festival to promote humanitarian values.

The festival that started on new year's day was on the theme Prana: The breath focusing on the element of air which is in the spotlight considering the challenge of air pollution faced by the global community. A variety of programmes were conducted globally in connection with the festival including competitions for school students on the theme, a tree-planting drive named ‘giving back to nature’ etc. Delegates from different professional fields including Writers, educators and poets, from over 78 countries presented their works on the theme virtually and in offline mode. 

The Closing Day Ceremony presided over by the President of the Writers Capital Foundation and the chairman of PILF Preeth Padmanabhan Nambiar, was inaugurated by the chief guest Prof. Jeffrey Levett, Founding Dean of the National School of Public Health, Athens, Greece. Prof. Levette also announced the newly established educational mission of the foundation named International Centre for Foreign Languages and Literature (ICFL). PILF Chief advisor and coordinator of Spain Prof. Joan Josep Bracelo delivered the keynote address. Vice President of the World Philosophical Forum and  Member of the International Academy of Social Sciences, USA, Prof Steven Roy was the guest of honour.

Johanna Devadayavu, Chief Human Resources Officer of WCIF, who delivered a message to share the vision of a better future by joining the Foundation and to make it a strong solid chain that will assist in uniting the whole world in the name of respect, solidarity, brotherhood, peace and love, also administered the “Pledge for Humanity’ for anchoring in the higher goal. Vicky Papageorgopoulou, president of Who’s Who Awards, Greece announced the theme of next year's Panorama Festival- ‘Fire’ to join heads and hands.

Vasiliki Dragouni, editor of Writers Edition Magazine delivered the vote of thanks. Irene Doura Kavadia, Secretary-General, WCIF and Chief Coordinator of PILF who anchored the session also bid farewell to the gathering. Head of Writers Capital Youth Foundation in Greece Vasilis Pasipoularidis, member Georgina Tsismalidou and others spoke during the event. Various awards during PILF 2023 including the Panorama Literary Awards 2023, and Golden Book Awards will be announced in the first week of March 2023. (PR)