Apollo Proton Cancer Centre Trains International Doctors


Chennai. Apollo Proton Cancer Centre (APCC), the first and largest Proton Therapy Centre in South Asia and the Middle East, is poised to revolutionize global healthcare. In collaboration with Belgium-based IBA, a global leader in proton therapy, APCC, in its series of training programs on PBT, recently completed imparting training to its first batch of eminent doctors from Indonesia and Vietnam. Through this initiative, India becomes the first country in Southeast Asia to host a specialized proton beam therapy training program for international oncologists.

Being the first Indian cancer centre to launch the training program in PBT, it marks a new chapter in collaborative cancer treatment and solidifies its position as a front-runner in knowledge sharing and advancing global cancer care.  Similar training programs are in the pipeline for oncologists from Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Slovenia and Philippines.   

Proton Beam Therapy has emerged as a highly precise and effective radiation treatment for various cancers, offering targeted tumor treatment while minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissues. So far, APCC has treated over 1400 patients, the youngest being a 10-month-old boy, and has achieved remarkable clinical outcomes, elevating the quality of life of cancer warriors.

H.E. Mr. Didier Vanderhasselt, Ambassador of Belgium to India, honored the event as its chief guest, and said, "From the historic beginnings of diplomatic relations between Belgium and India to the present day, where pioneering advancements in healthcare stand testament to our enduring collaboration. Belgium is proud to support initiatives that drive innovation and excellence in cancer care.”

In a powerful statement marking the occasion, Dr. Preetha Reddy, Executive Vice Chairperson of Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Limited, emphasized the transformative impact of their collaboration with IBA. "This alliance is a testament to our dedication to forging global healthcare partnerships. By uniting our strengths and expertise, we significantly enhance our collective capacity to tackle cancer worldwide. The training program is a landmark event in our partnership, facilitating an unhindered exchange of knowledge across frontiers. It equips oncologists globally with cutting-edge insights into Proton Beam Therapy. This collaboration is a clear manifestation of our unified vision to democratize access to innovative treatments worldwide, heralding a new era in healthcare where advanced solutions are within reach for everyone."

Dr. Nguyen Thi Minh Hue, Radiation Oncologist, Cho Ray Hospital, Vietnam, said, "Participating in the specialized training program at Apollo Proton Cancer Centre is an exceptional opportunity to enhance our skills and knowledge in Proton Beam Therapy.  We look forward to acquiring valuable skills and knowledge  during the training program which will enable us to better serve our patients and contribute to the development of cancer care in Vietnam.” 

Dr. Febryono Basuki Raharjo, HOD- Radiation Oncology, Dharmais National Cancer Center, Indonesia, said, “Being part of the proton beam therapy training initiative at APCC, it is a game-changer for Indonesian oncologists. India stands as a beacon of world-class expertise in cancer care, and the Centre exemplifies this commitment to excellence. Through this training, we aim to bring the benefits of PBT to more patients in Indonesia and beyond, ultimately improving cancer care outcomes in our region." 

The training program at APCC is meticulously designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of oncologists from diverse backgrounds, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange to drive further innovation in cancer treatment. Through this initiative, APCC and IBA aim to empower doctors with the expertise necessary to deliver superior cancer care to patients across the region.

Advantages of PBT training at APCC

Over 1400 patients have been successfully treated.

Patients from over 147 countries access Apollo Hospitals.

Practicum-an intensive clinical and academic event with experts in PBT from six continents.

Over 350 National and International Virtual tumor board discussions

Successful implementation of organ based practice for all  modalities

Pro Connect--a platform for our clinical network with international oncologists to discuss advanced and complicated cancers

Winning over cancer 

About Apollo Proton Cancer Centre   

Apollo Proton Cancer Centre, the most advanced Cancer Centre and the first Proton Therapy Centre in South Asia & the Middle East and it is India's first JCI accredited Cancer hospital.  At the bedrock of APCC's approach to treating cancer is its robust multi-disciplinary platform; highly skilled professionals who come together to form a cancer management team (CMT). Each CMT is focused on delivering the best possible outcomes for its patients. An added feather in the cap is the recent launch of India's first & only site-specific Robotic Oncology Program.