Aster CMI Hospital Unveils a Path breaking Innovation in AI

Endowment to the Future of Healthcare 

BANGALORE. Aster CMI Hospital charges ahead as a healthcare AI patron with its groundbreaking innovative technology, which supports the health experts on various aspects of treatment such as analyzing vast amounts of data that could lead to earlier and more accurate diagnoses of diseases, developing new treatment options, and immediate monitoring of vitals for various specialties.

AI Carpal Tunnel syndrome (CTS) is one such technology that is developed by the Neurology Department which is poised to revolutionize nerve ultrasound diagnostics.  This technology redefines, diagnoses, and screens efficiently. It can identify the median nerve in ultrasound videos and detect CTS with the highest accuracy (95%) marking a significant leap in healthcare innovation. The AI tool signifies a transformative stride towards precision and efficiency in CTS diagnosis, marking a new era in healthcare.

As we witness the healthcare landscape evolve from a prescriptive to a predictive model, AI emerges as the catalyst for this transformative journey. At Aster CMI Hospital, we proudly stand at the forefront, seamlessly merging human expertise with AI to pioneer a new era of healthcare excellence.  Our close collaboration with government bodies underscores our commitment to ethical AI practices, rigorous regulatory compliance, and the highest standards of data privacy and security. This transformative, technology-enabled tool marks a new dawn in healthcare.  says Dr. Nitish Shetty, CEO, DM Healthcare

Commenting on the occasion, Dr. Lokesh Bathala, Lead Consultant Neurology, "This lab is an exemplification to the unlimited potential of AI in healthcare. We are pushing the boundaries of medical science, designing AI tools that will transform the future of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.  These AI tools can prevent long-term complications and improve the quality of life.  It can also minimize the need for repetitive examinations and invasive procedures, reducing patient’s discomfort and anxiety. While the AI tools significantly reduce the inference time, it is important to note that the final diagnosis will always be carried out by the physician.”

Ramesh Kumar S, CEO – Aster Hospitals, Bangalore, said: “Aster CMI Hospital remains a pioneering force in healthcare solutions, ever dedicated to tackling medical challenges and elevating patient care with cutting-edge technology.  It has been at the forefront, seamlessly weaving human expertise with AI to usher in a new era of healthcare excellence and actively engaging in collaborative efforts with providers, researchers, and innovators to unlock the full potential of AI for the greater good of humanity.”

Aster CMI Hospital continues its commitment to advancing healthcare solutions. We seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with the warmth of compassionate care, forging a future where personalized solutions meet ethical practices. Our collaborative spirit, evident in partnerships, guarantees trust in every innovation, ensuring advancements serve patients first. This tool exemplifies the hospital’s dedication to addressing medical challenges and enhancing patient care through cutting-edge technology.