A Spirited Walkathon to create Awareness on Diabetes


Bangalore.  In an effort to promote health awareness and emphasize the importance of diabetes prevention and management, Aster RV Hospital, JP Nagar organized a Walkathon on account of World Diabetes Day. Participants from all walks of life joined the event along with doctors and management staff of the hospital to create awareness as they walked towards a healthier future. Addressing the pressing need for diabetes awareness and access to care, the hospital took a proactive stance with the theme 'Access to Diabetes Care' for this year's World Diabetes Day. As diabetes continues to affect millions globally, the hospital underscored the urgency of spreading awareness about the causes, precautions, and the crucial importance of accessible healthcare.

Diabetes, a chronic condition affecting the body's ability to regulate blood sugar, requires vigilant management. Lack of awareness often leads to delayed diagnosis and complications. Aster RV Hospitals recognizes the significance of education in diabetes prevention and control, emphasizing the role of a balanced diet, regular exercise, and regular screenings.

Dr. S Satish Kumar, HOD & Lead Consultant, Endocrinology, Diabetology & Bariatric Medication at Aster RV Hospitals, emphasized, "Creating awareness is the first step towards achieving access to diabetes care. It is extremely important to understand the causes, take necessary precautions, and proactively manage our health. It is the duty of doctors to ensure that diabetes care is accessible to everyone. Out intention of organizing the awareness program through walkathon is to align with this year’s theme “Access to Diabetes” and reach out to the society with the message of creating awareness of Diabetes. Access to Diabetes Care is not just about medical interventions but also to ensure that individuals have the knowledge and resources to make informed decisions about their own health. The Walkathon serves as a powerful reminder that simple lifestyle changes, like regular physical activity, can significantly contribute to diabetes prevention. It was heartening to see our community come together for such a vital cause." Dr. Satish was quoted as saying.

The 3-kilometer campaign aimed to reach communities, fostering a sense of shared responsibility for public health. By conducting educational sessions, distributing informational material, and leveraging digital platforms, the hospital did its bit of bridging the gap in diabetes awareness and encouraged early intervention.