Sankara Eye Hospital Coimbatore inaugurates ‘Milestone

The new centre has been opened with support from ‘Surya For Life’ 

Coimbatore. Sankara Eye Hospital Coimbatore continuing with its tradition of “world class eye care with a social impact’, inaugurated “Milestone – an Early Intervention & Transformation Centre”, for children with Autism Spectrum, with support and contribution from “Surya”, a volunteer initiative established in 2004.

The centre was inaugurated by Dr SV Balasubramaniam, Chairperson Bannari Amman Group & Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Medical Trust. “Every child is unique. The Milestone Early Intervention Centre set up with support from Surya for Life will help ensure that therapy is individualized to children with Autism and would have the capacity to change, based on the child’s needs as they change from time to time, “he said.

Dr. RV Ramani, Founder & Managing Trustee Sankara Eye Foundation, India shared, “We are grateful to the support from Surya to establish, Milestone. The centre established at a cost of Rs 7.5 Lakhs would allow us to provide holistic and individualised care for children with autism, using a combination of computer based therapy and exercises with specially made equipment based on recent research from across the world with some of our colleagues across Sankara Eye Hospital.”

“Surya is a volunteer initiative that I founded in 2004.  Looking at the passion of the team at Sankara, and the inspirational leadership of the founder Dr Ramani, I have looked to support in an ongoing manner their social activities. It is time we look at people with autism as normal human beings.” shared Poornima, Founder of Surya.

Over the past year, through the sale of specially designed and crafted terracotta jewellery, Surya has enabled the establishment of a unique centre for the eye care of children with Autism Spectrum.

“We at Sankara Eye Hospital, Coimbatore have been ensuring children of the region have access to the latest in eye care. With a blend of computer aided diagnostic solution – Visuopime and other specialised charts and devices that would allow the specialist to understand which aspects of binocular vision are affected and enable a structured vision therapy program. We look forward to helping children with Autism Spectrum Disorder with visual functions and also improve overall quality of life,” shared Dr Shruthi Tara, Chief Medical Officer Sankara Eye Hospital, Coimbatore.

Autism Spectrum Disease is a behavioural syndrome that manifests in early childhood. Impaired social interaction, associated with verbal and nonverbal communication deficits and stereotyped behaviours are the most common presentations. In different geographical regions of the world show an estimate prevalence rate of 17/10,000 for autistic disorder.