Poem : H E R O

About Younger Writer : Arwa Kaid Johar is 14 years old and she is from Ahmedabad (Gujrat). She is studying in 9th grade at St Xavier's Loyola Hall school, Ahmedabad. Besides studies, she does sketching, drawing, painting AMD story writing. She plays basketball from her school side at various levels. She loves traveling and talking to friends. 

He must have been heaven send

Writer : Arwa Kaid Johar

Ahmedabad, Gujrat 


A guy there once was,

He lived as one does.

But there was one thing different,

Our pain made him reverent.

He must have been heaven send.

He held his heart with Eve.

He swore he’d never leave.

Now nothing could give him rage,

Other than our suffrage,

So he turned the page.

There was no sought outway,

For us to be oaky, 

So he carved a new root,

Gave us back our loot,

Replayed our flute.

He fought for us all,

So we wouldn’t fall.

When his Eve stopped shining,

And we did not revive him.

Then he stopped fighting.

And now he’s up there.

In the heavens somewhere.

Frowning upon us,

For our greed and lust.

Of what he gave us.