SPARSH Group of Hospitals unveils Advanced Aesthetic Medicine Solutions

The Institute of Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetology is a unique one stop provider of all aesthetic beauty clinical solutions in a safe, multispecialty environment 

Bangalore. In yet another exciting growth move, SPARSH Group of Hospitals has announced the opening of a new state-of-the-art medical department - The Institute of Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetology. This department brings multiple expert clinicians and surgeons together under one banner to provide world class comprehensive aesthetic medicine solutions and makes them available in Bangalore. Already renowned for plastic surgery, SPARSH now boasts of cosmetic gynaecology (a rare and upcoming field) along with aesthetic dentistry, multiple non- invasive cosmetology procedures and much more.

Recent research reports show that there has been a continuous rise with a 33.3 percent increase in aesthetic surgery over the last four years. According to a research analysis by Mordor Intelligence, the Indian cosmetics products market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 4.23% during the forecast period 2022-2023. India is increasingly becoming a global hub for hair, skin, and other cosmetic procedures due to the reduced cost of medical care and the availability of high-quality surgical facilities conducted by experts. The potential exists in India to provide excellent service at an affordable price, delighting customers, including those exploring medical tourism, on both counts.

Keeping this in view, the SPARSH group brought together several specialists to unveil the new Institute that offers multiple body-positive services to patients. The Institute offers the safest and most skilled comprehensive solutions including aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries, cosmetic gynaecology, cosmetic dermatology, cosmetic dental surgery and other aesthetic treatments with services ranging from body contouring, liposuction, abdominoplasty, neck lift, and face lift among a host of others. The vision of the Institute is to empower men and women by bringing them globally best solutions in a safe and non-judgemental space with the expert skills and infrastructure to support such choices.

The department works with the motto "My Body, My Choice" and undertakes several cosmetic procedures that range from plastic and reconstructive surgery to non-invasive methods that may address low self-esteem, functionality, looks and sexual gratification. Surgical and non-surgical methods like laser machines for revitalization are also deployed in the treatment.

Commenting on the expansion, Dr. Sharan Patil, Chairman and Chief Orthopaedic surgeon, SPARSH Group of Hospitals, said: "The launch of the new Institute reflects our vision to be a one-stop destination for a variety of complex treatments and underscores our commitment to provide the most advanced, cutting-edge medical care to patients under a trusted Brand in Bangalore. No longer does any Indian resident need to travel to avail of world class aesthetic medicine solutions and in fact we would be placing Bangalore firmly on the world map as the destination of choice for Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetology. Our mission is focused to deliver high-quality healthcare at an affordable cost and to be the most preferred choice for complex and path-breaking medical procedures. We are growing exponentially on a High Platform, High Purpose mode and moving rapidly towards our goal of making quality healthcare accessible to all”.

Speaking about the Institute of Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetology, Dr. Anand K, Chief of Cosmetics, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, SPARSH Group of Hospitals said: "At SPARSH, we aim to provide patients with a holistic and self-confident image about themselves. Our team of highly skilled surgeons and dermatologists along with our state-of-the-art equipment strive towards renewing people's appearance. The treatment at the Institute is also geared towards ensuring that patients have a rejuvenating experience and feel comfortable with themselves and society. With a focus on delivering safe, effective and personalized care, our specialists help patients achieve higher levels of overall well-being."

In today's world, healthcare, and economic challenges have come out as the most important factors governed by population of all age groups. Among this, physical appearance, particularly skin plays a vital role in the mental as well as physical well-being of a person. Facial skin plays a role in perceiving the age and attractiveness of not only facial features in females, but also in males. Unlike in the past, there are many options to effectively address these concerns and the Institute of Cosmetology and Cosmetic Surgery has multiple solutions for all of these.