PW to Enhance Customer Reachability Via MoEngage 

Bengaluru.  MoEngage has been onboarded by Physics Wallah, one of India's top online Ed-tech platforms, which is democratizing education at scale, to seamlessly connect with potential and existing students across multiple channels to provide a seamless experience. Physics Wallah provides an affordable and comprehensive learning experience to students across all the test prep categories. By onboarding MoEngage, the end goal is to optimize the student engagement experience.

This latest win adds to the string of successful partnerships that MoEngage has built with leading education institutions over the last few years and joins the growing list of 1200+ global companies across 35 countries, such as BigBasket, Flipkart, Domino’s and Nestle, among others, that trust MoEngage to deliver a consistent experience across multiple touchpoints.

“The partnership with MoEngage will help us reach our students more effectively. The integration of the solution into our existing systems was seamless and fuss-free. Our mission is to become the most advanced, futuristic, and innovative Ed-tech platform in the country. We believe that our partnership with MoEngage will help us streamline the administrative process, teacher-parent-and-student communication and simplify curriculum planning”, added Sanket Narker, Head of Marketing.

“Physics Wallah is seeking to differentiate itself by investing in technology to enable personalization at scale. Our strong product vision and roadmap has made the MoEngage Customer Engagement Platform the preferred digital core technology to help them become future-ready,” said Raviteja Dodda, CEO MoEngage. “We are proud to be selected as the transformation partner by Physics Wallah and are committed to the success of their journey.”

“The adoption of Ed-tech platforms has skyrocketed since COVID-19. In India, the e-learning market size will be worth USD 12.5 billion by 2027. Service providers need to effectively reach their audience in order to tap into this growing market and acquire new customers. The MoEngage Customer Engagement Platform enables businesses like Physics Wallah to easily adopt state-of-art features and functionalities to connect with their customers on their preferred channels,” added Raviteja.