Karnataka Budget : Comment from Niru Agarwal GHIS

Thoughtful decisions in the budget to move towards uniform quality of education across the state :Niru Agarwal, Trustee, Greenwood High International School


The budget provides a much-needed impetus towards empowering the education sector. The budget has taken the very important initiative to address learning deficiencies among children as this has been the most critical task for students after the pandemic. The announcement on improving nutrition and infrastructure is welcome as children from schools will find greater motivation to attend classes and benefit in terms of better health. The initiative to train staff in English is also a positive step as progress in the current scenario is linked to one’s ability to be good in the language. The integration of tech by setting up innovation labs in colleges and much more are thoughtful decisions to move towards uniform quality of education across the state. All in all, this is a balanced budget for the education sector.