Online Women Poetry Festival Feminera 2023 

Jaipur.  Progressive Literary & Cultural Society (India) organized an Online Women Poetry Festival, "Feminera 2023" on Google meet on 25th June 2023. Dr. Shamenaz (Founder & President) commenced the event by introducing the event in English and also introducing Convenor, Annette Tarpley (USA), Co-convenor, Sweta Kumari (Bihar, India) and Organizing Secretary, Prof Mani Kant (Ujjain, India). She said that PLCS is committed to giving a platform for women from around the globe. She also stated that this event is a tribute to Annette’s father, Denny Wengert who has inspired Annette to become a strong woman. Following her Convenor of the event Annette Tarpley gave tribute to her father and then she introduced “Guest of Honour” Sylvia Beverly (USA). 

Sylvia Beverly spoke in support of women in general and women poets in particular. She said that she is very happy to be a part of this wonderful gathering of women poets. After her speech and poem, Prof Mani Kant welcomed participating women poets who have given their valuable time by attending the event. Then Convenor Annette and Co-convenor Sweta started calling poets one by one which include; Dr. Nalini Tandon (USA/India), Elizabeth Castillo (Philippines), Till Kumari Sharma (Nepal), Irene Sabetta (Italy), Priyalakshmi Gogoi (Assam, India), Shalini Yadav (Rajasthan, India), Neerja Sachdev (USA/India), Vandana Tripathi (Tamil Nadu, India), Jaishree Sangitrao (Maharashtra, India), Marilyne Bertocini (France), Sarita Naik (Odisha, India), Iliana Ventura (Spain), Noreen Dunai (Meghalaya, India), Tabassum Khan (UP, India), Deepika Agarwal (UP, India), Azza Husein (Egypt), Deepti Sakhya (UP, India), Manju Yadav (Spain/India), Shamenaz (Up, India) and Naureen Aziz (Karnataka, India)

Dr Shamenaz invited 3 Uzbek poets in their native language Uzbek and Turkish since they are native speakers: Gulmira Kurbanova, Dildora To'xtayeva and Nargizaxon Ortiqova (Uzbekistan). In the end Prof Mani Kant gave a “Vote of thanks”.