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We are trying to look at the entertainment industry which has captured most of the space in our lives from an ethical standpoint. Can we condone the violence and overplay of deceit and vengeance which has become a part of the film industry? Young men spend more time on You tube than on their books. Here, I am trying to have a look at the deteriorating value-system of entertainment. Is entertainment wedded to success? Have we no other issues of negotiating the society towards a better living system? Why have our film makers washed their hands of their social commitment with society?

This is the age of mega bucks, mega stars, mega stories and mega-mindless millions glued to you tube or OTT platforms, just watching and drinking on thrills. 

Why we need so much of entertainment? Obviously, we are too bored with life. That is why we need a lethal dose of entertainment. 

And it is strange, ordinary musicals do not interest us. We want blood chilling horror which can freeze our blood, and our senses too, and how we love to see killings and torture and bloodbath in dark dungeons by men carrying pistols and swords, and visiting their vengeance on their victims, in cold blood. 

This is the sure formulae for a grand success of an OTT presentation. How we relish foul talk, foul scenes, and drain-logic which we abhor watching or practising in real life. 

But it is the rating of the movie which moves us to watch it. It must carry Violence, Foul Language, Nakedness, Substance, Sex. 

This is our world of Entertainment. Are we men or monsters?

Every producer, actor, or a script writers is in the lookout for a block buster. And, firearms, tanks, killings, impossible action scenes fill the bill. Success is a game of billons in which, in the name of entertainment, sense and sensibility become an all-time victim, 

They cater to the base elements in human nature, and target youngsters who are after thrills. 

The success of some blockbusters in these days  shows how bored the general masses are and the money spinners,  how crafty.

Killings, senseless dialogues, action scenes – all are passe, in the sacred name of the nation.

Entertainment alone, at the cost of sense and sensibility is unsustainable.

If Literature is meant to entertain and instruct, how can films be deprived of this higher pedestal? They are literature in action, good or bad. 

We forget that we are releasing into the blood of the society, all that is happening in the films. How people become rich overnight. How banks are looted. How men are killed for ransom. The underworld. The overlords.

I wonder if any film has ever shown any politician doing good to society. And if any film has ever shown any businessmen not involved in contraband. Better not talk of our policemen who are never shown in good light. 

Do we want to convey that business means a bad world? And Politician, someone gone over to the devils?

Is there no hope? Why we cannot make good people the subjects of our films? I know you will ask: How will the film run then? How will the expenses be recovered? Who will see a movie which does not show evil at its best work, as we have seen in case of Sholay and Shaan?

So, it is natural. Who are our heroes: in real life? the gangsters.

Pardon. Not the gangsters who declare themselves so, who loot people of their wealth, but the undeclared gangsters, who loot the public of its trust in its institutions. Who  in the guise of politicians, administrators, teachers and preachers  look like saints, but carry an agenda which is infernal. 

Those who laughed and made you laugh - the innocent  laugh-masters, comedians, have gone. The times of Johny Walker. It is Gabbar times now. I wonder if Sholay had run for years without Gabbar. We want to see the Evil within us projected on the screen, and then enjoy when it is destroyed. It is the essence not of comedy, but tragedy.  

A true tragedy, when enacted,  purges the evil, and effects a catharsis in our blood vessels. It entertains and leaves us better human beings. That is the ultimate end of Entertainment. We feel elevated.

But see your block-busters now, raised in the name of  Entertainment. Blind entertainment in the pursuit of success and billions. Men use muscles and women, their bodies. Killer machines and the tag of  Mother India. You have a Block buster. I wonder our young generation needs this type of stuff which instead of elevating their sensibilities, offer them mindless thrills. What thrills, finally kills something in you. This entertainment does kill The Sensible Man.

About Author:

Dr. Jernail Singh Anand is Founder Chairperson of The Ethical Universe, the International Academy of Ethics, a think-tank of Poets, Philosophers, Thinkers, Scientists and Social Scientists.  He is Professor Emeritus with the European Institute of the Roma Studies, Belgrade and Honorary Member of the Serbian Writers Association. Dr. Anand has authored 150 books which include 9 epics which are considered  world classics. He has innovated the theory of Bio-text in critical theory. The Univ. of Neyshabur, Iran has conducted a Research Project on his Poetry comparing it with Iranian Poets, under Dr. Roghayeh Farsi. His works have been translated into 20 world languages.