Open Theme Poetry Recital at The Fertile Brains 

Jaipur. The Fertile Brains, on sunday, 26th February, 2023, with their continual endeavour of sticking to it's tagline (a place where poets share their minds) once again on zoom platform plainly managed to bring fore the poets from all across, cutting borders and time zones to have faces together for a poetry reading on peace, happiness, pain and agony and themes that touches upon certain facets that humanity is concerned about. 

Once again with its open-themed recital continued its effort to raise its voice through the medium of poetry, with initial hosting by Dr. Roopali Sircar Gaur, who herself is a social activist and a professor set the tune of inviting poets, later taken over by Mr. Prasanna Kkumar to head further, gathering had from Nepal , UK, Bangladesh, and North America, Israel, Greece, with their heart rendering pieces. Present were Dr Yakshaya K, Mr Richard Spisak, Mr Gustav Sallas, Mr Gennerlissmo Bryan Franco, Mr Bob Whelan, Mr Kumar Ghimire, Mr Prasanna Bhatta, Dr Roopali Sircar Gaur, Ms meena Chauhan, Ms Alexandra Psaropoulou, Mr Sushant Thapa, Mr Manatita Hutchinson, Mr Jahangir Alam Rustom, Mr Isaac Cohen, Mr Sreedharan Parokode. It's equally coordinated by the team of the fertile brains.