Thriving between Science and Culture : Dr. Alpana Gupta 

An art exhibition will be held in Jaipur by US based scientist, Dr. Alpana Gupta on Jan 20-22, 2023 at Kalaneri Art Gallery. Of note, this exhibition is unique because Alpana works full time as a Director in a pharmaceutical company, developing drugs in major therapeutic areas with the aim of making patients’ lives better, and painting is her hobby.

Alpana’s scientific journey started at an early age because her father - Dr. P. D. Gupta - an eminent scientist and researcher himself, had a profound influence on her. Her father introduced Alpana to many different areas of science through his several publications, which she used to read because the journals were freely available in every corner of the house. Dr. P. D. Gupta has given lectures in universities in more than half the countries around the world. His major contribution to society are the several original papers, books and popular science articles he has authored on many different topics in the field of science. It is commendable that even now, at the age of 83, Dr. P.D. Gupta is prolificallyand actively publishing science related articles. Alpana took after her father in this respect, and despite a busy work schedule, is involved in promoting Indian culture, values & practices in fusion with western lifestyle so that it can be easily adapted. 

After completing her Ph.D. degree at the Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences (affiliated to Osmania University, Hyderabad) she moved to the US, where she is now working in Regulatory Affairs at Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals (for the past 15 years), which is a big pharma company headquartered in Germany.Dr. Alpana Gupta has maintained her connection with Indian culture and its rich heritagedespite living in the US for more than 28 years. This deep-rooted appreciation for Indian traditions and her love for art is clearly evident in her paintings.

Encouraged by her father, Alpana is doing her first exhibition in Jaipur where she was born, and this is a testament to her ties with her motherland. The exhibition will be inaugurated on Jan 20, 2023 at 4 pm by Shri Rajiv Arora, Chairman Raj Small Industries Corporation & Raj Export Promotion Council. Guest of honor will be Padmashri S. Shakir Ali, a well-known miniature and Persian artist himself, and special guest is Dr. Suresh Gupta, Chairman & Head, Dept of Neurosciences, Eternal Hospital, and a renowned neurologist in Jaipur. The collection of Alpana’s paintings (about 150) at the Kalaneri Art Gallery will also be for sale, and the proceeds will be donated towards funding libraries in the schools in the villages of India.