Shalini and Ekta had an intriguing conversation 

Jaipur.  In a recently started Virtual Poetic Talk Show: 'Splendid Seven' by Ekta Ahuja, Conversation 5; the guest was Dr. Shalini Yadav from India. 

Both the poets, Shalini and Ekta had an intriguing conversation where some light and fun questions were being asked by poet Ekta Ahuja to Dr. Shalini Yadav.

Dr. Yadav shared her life experiences as a poet with Mrs. Ahuja and they both had a very beautiful conversation about poetry, nature, travel etc. in the form of question-answers.

Dr. Yadav read two of her poems 'Confined' and 'My Own Canvas' and also shared her wonderful message with viewers and poets which was a part of the flow of the show. The message was, to see life with positivity treating failures and scars as constellations and to keep hopes high and shine.

Poet Ekta also shared a thought of the day on Nature. She gave a crisp explanation on the thought that, mother nature has everything in it and we as human being should explore and embrace the beauty of Nature to find the treasure called serenity.

It was a crisp fun ride with lovely and insightful questions to enjoy thoroughly.