Omicron’s surge in India

Presented : Dr. P D Gupta 

Former Director Grade Scientist, Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad (INDIA), Email:, Cell: 080728 91356 

January 5, 2022

Thanks to New York Times for Taking note on situation about Omicron, I thinks India is capable of taking care by itself. Unlike previous occasions we did not ask THE US for vaccine. We developed our own.

Omicron is surging in India’s major urban hubs, just a few months after the deadly Delta variant ravaged the country.

Some cities are experiencing nearly 50 percent increases in cases overnight. Mumbai reported 15,000 cases today, surpassing its previous daily record of about 11,000 cases. Delhi today had a more than 90 percent increase in cases.

“The pace of spread is quite dramatic,” said my colleague Mujib Mashal, The Times’s South Asia bureau chief. “But rates of hospitalization have remained low, and the government is pushing that as a sign to remain vigilant but not panic as the variant is resulting in mild symptoms.”

Officials appear to be relying on reports that Omicron did not cause devastating damage in countries like South Africa. But the country’s leaders are offering a mixed message.

“On the one hand, the government is introducing curfews and implementing restrictions,” Mujib said. “But at the same time, leaders are going out and holding large political rallies. So an average person wonders: Which is it? Bad enough to put restrictions on my life and livelihood, or harmless enough that you are holding packed rallies of thousands?”

“For the common folks, there is a sense of frustration in the déjà vu of it all, and in how contradictory the government’s messaging is,” he added.