Origami Butterflies for Autism Awareness in a unique display

500 Optometric Students and Ophthalmologists


Bengaluru.  In a heart-warming display of solidarity and awareness, 500 optometric students and ophthalmologists from across Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh joined forces to create 2024 origami butterflies, symbolizing growth & transformation for individuals with autism. The unique initiative, organized by Sankara Eye Hospital and Sankara College of Optometry, aimed to shed light on the connection between autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and its visual impact.

“The Milestone Early Intervention Clinic, is equipped with specialised equipment and trained optometrists to cater to the needs of children with autism spectrum. 24% of children we saw at the clinic were able to demonstrate marked improvement with curated binocular vision therapy. To increase acceptance of children with autism spectrum and advocate for a comprehensive eye examination which can enhance their ability to flourish, we came up with this idea of showcasing a butterfly through origami” said Dr. Kaushik Murali, President Medical Administration, Quality And Education, Sankara Eye Foundation India.

Launching the initiative, Poornima Sankar, Founder Suryaforlife and Bharatanatyam Artist, who has been a supporter of the milestone clinic , “ Healthcare workers continue to contribute to society. Today’s activity would help us be empathetic. Each butterfly we made is different and may not be perfect , but when it comes together it reflects how every small act adds up to a large impact. I am grateful to the opportunity I have being associated with Sankara Eye Hospital to give back to society”

“With each one of us making a butterfly, we can appreciate that it takes a collaborative effort of optometrists, ophthalmologists and occupational therapists to work with a child presenting with autism spectrum to achieve their full potential in education, work and in their hobbies. This creative that”, shared Hiral Divyansh , Occupational Therapist & Founder Rise & Shine.

Early diagnosis and intervention strategies are crucial in ensuring proper visual health for individuals with autism. ASD not only influences individual behaviour but also has a substantial impact on the visual system. Through this distinct initiative, participants sought to raise awareness & committed to propagate the importance of understanding and addressing visual challenges faced by individuals on the autism spectrum.