Women are the backbone of home and community

International Women's Day Special 

Author : Talat khan

(BDS Student), Aspiring Dentist, Jaipur


This has probably always been true and will always be true, Women are the backbone of home and community. They have signficant role in making society a better place . They are epitome of love  and strength. Despite of being a homemaker they  pay contribution to society by pursuing their  profession . They not only cater the needs of society but are the torchbearer for a future, by doing the better nurturing and upbringing of children they have in hands the future. 

But, by viewing the current scenario unfortunately they are not getting what they deserve love, appreciation and gratitude. Today we have westernized ourselves so much that we find it difficult to make time for our mom.  It's their relentless efforts which has made us what we are. They might not always say ,but the only thing they demand from us is respect and love. So be humble ,gentle and kind with the women who surround you, help you and make you. (The author has his own study and views)