Sankara Eye Hospital provides AI Driven Smart Vision Glasses

The noble initiative undertaken in collaboration with CII- Young Indians 

Bangalore.  In a remarkable and heart-warming event, Sankara Eye Hospital, a leading institution in eye care enabled AI driven smart glasses to 25 young adults with severe visual impairment worth Rs 31,000 each from around Bengaluru in partnership with CII – Young Indians.

Making the world ‘brighter’ by handing over ‘smart glasses’ to young adults with severe visual impairment, the event was held commemorating World Sight Day. The chief guest on the occasion was Das Suryavamshi, State Commissioner for Disabilities.

Das Suryavamshi, State Commissioner for Disabilities, said: Access to quality eye care and visual aid devices is a fundamental right for all, regardless of their abilities and age. By providing spectacles to one group and smart glasses to young adults with severe visual impairment, Sankara Eye Hospital is not only offering them a chance to see the world more clearly but also empowering them to pursue their dreams with confidence. This initiative embodies the essence of inclusivity, a cornerstone of our society.

Dr. Y Umesh, CMO, Sankara Eye Hospital, Bangalore said: We firmly believe that vision is the gateway to knowledge and opportunities. A pair of spectacles can improve productivity by around 22%, and this resonates deeply with us. It is equally important to bridge the gap between visual impairment and a world full of possibilities. By empowering young adults with smart vision glasses, we are sowing the seeds of progress through inclusion.

R Girish, Managing Trustee, Ishya Foundation said: Ishya Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to making a positive impact in the lives of disadvantaged children and helping them to reach their full potential by promoting education and improving the lives of underprivileged children. We are happy to support this initiative of enabling young adults to experience the world as we know and see it.

Ramu Muthangi, CEO and Co- Founder, SHG Technology said: SHG Technology is proud to partner Sankara towards the use of these Smart Vision Glasses, which represent a cutting-edge wearable device harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. With these glasses, discreetly positioned miniature cameras on the frame capture real-time images from the visually impaired individual environment and through auditory or tactile feedback can enable tasks such as reading, navigation, and recognizing objects and people.

The project is a part of the Happy Eyes Programme that is being conducted under the Nanna Kannu initiative of Sankara Eye Hospital. The programme in partnership with Titan and would screen 2,50,000 children from underprivileged sections of society across Karnataka for eye ailments and provide them care.