Hair fall in monsoon and how to prevent it with Homeopathy 

Delhi.  Hair fall is the most dreaded phenomenon, especially in the monsoon, anyone can experience it, be it women or men. Apart from the average daily 100 hair strand fall, the pleasant monsoons can quickly turn unpleasant by being harsh on your hair if proper routine hair care and nourishment is not provided to your hair. And if your hair loss is worsening and unmanageable, then here we will enlighten you with the best hair fall control solutions available for you. Be sure to take care of those pretty tresses or you will lose them for sure!

Why does hair fall happen in the monsoon?

As it is universally known that wet hair is very delicate and falls apart very easily, you will need to take care of it like you are stepping on broken glass. Moreover, the humidity levels in the environment are very high and so the hair is all the more, weaker every minute of the day leading to excess hair fall and so in such situations, it is natural to seek for hair fall solutions.

Major causes of hair fall in monsoon

The primary causes of hair fall in monsoon include:

Not drying your hair in time and leaving wet hair tied up for too long.

The humidity around us makes the hair weaker and combing wet hair can even worsen hair loss.

The natural oils of the hair are also stripped off and the hair root may become fragile, causing intensive hair fall.

Drying your hair too often with blow dryers and such other heating devices can cause havoc for your hair.

Due to the monsoon, people may be inattentive and not follow the routine hair care like washing and conditioning your hair effectively.

The uncertainty of weather from cool or dry to extreme humid, can cause frizzy hair and lead to hair damage.

The dampness in the scalp is a good breeding area for germs so infections are not uncommon in monsoon.

To top it all, not following a nutritive diet can be an additional major reason for hair loss.

Certain conditions may be the reason for hair loss, like stress, hormone issues, scalp infections, pregnancy, childbirth, etc.

Is it normal to lose hair in the monsoon?

It is quite common to lose hair in monsoon if proper precautions are not taken to preserve that beautiful head of hair you have. Monsoon can provoke worries about hair care, but you must not let it affect you and make your hair wonderful with these suggestions to prevent further hair fall:

Drying your hair properly with the help of micro-fiber towels instead of rubbing it with harsh cloth or tying it up helps.

Avoid using too much heat in the form of blow dryers, flat irons, curlers, etc.

Following excellent shampooing and conditioning routine to avoid hair fall.

Treating yourself to a warm oil massage, as it serves a dual purpose of relaxing you and also hydrating your scalp and enhancing your blood circulation.

Using a wide-tooth wooden comb to de-tangle your precious locks in order to decrease the static charge that can cause all the more hair loss.

Sleeping well and exercising regularly also helps a lot, along with avoiding alcohol and smoking that can all do wonders for your hair.

How Homeopathy helps prevent hair fall in monsoon

Homeopathy is a safe and effective treatment system available to us without any side effects and harm. It is important to make use of such an exemplary system of medicine which considers a patient as a whole and assesses his mental and physical states to reach a suitable medicine. The following are some of the remedies which are effective for hair fall:

Phosphorus: In this medicine, the hair loss is seen in bunches. The hair becomes dry and gray, causing hair loss from vertex, crown area and forehead. Itching of scalp, and dandruff is often seen. The change of weather causes or worsens all of the hair problems.

Lycopodium: This medicine is helpful in hair loss due to malnutrition, post-delivery, post-menopause phases. There is the presence of premature baldness and graying of hair. Intensive hair fall is experienced by an individual.

Natrum Muriaticum: In this medicine, hair loss due to childbirth, anemia, and hormonal imbalance is very common. The hair follicles become very weak and fragile, leading to hair loss. Using this medicine, helps strengthen hair.

Fluoric Acid: The hair falls out and besides that the new hair is dry, splits and breaks off easily. The hair loses its luster and hair is lost in spots. Fluoric acid can help regrow hair. It is advised in conditions, where hair falls out especially after fevers.