Haiku on Nature by Author Shahid Abbas

by : Shalini Yadav 

Jaipur (Rajasthan)


Shahid Abbas is a multi-awarded International Author and Poet from Karapla, Tandlianwala Faisalabad Pakistan. He is the author of "Words from Nature" and the co-author of "We Speak In Syllables". Shahid is working on a poetry collaboration book "Verses of Meraki" to be published in the USA.

His works were also featured in various international anthologies and diverse literary platforms both in print and online. Shahid's works were already translated into 10 different languages.

Shahid also is the newly-appointed Director of Culture in Pakistan of the State of Birland and is to handle the promotion of literary and arts activities. He is also the newly-appointed Coordinator for The Dream of Equality Pakistan. Camara Internacional de Escritores and Artistas (International Chamber of Writers and Artists) based in Spain appointed him as the President for the CIESART Headquarters in Pakistan as well as CIESART Ambassador for Pakistan. He is also Vice -President of ( P. L . O. T. S ) CREATURES MAGAZINE USA.He was appointed an Ambassador for UMEA ( Portugal) as well.

 Shahid will be the Host of Haiku TV (USA) with Sir Michael Bee. A recipient of several international awards and recognitions, he has graced a number of international literary festivals representing his country Pakistan in promoting world peace and world literature some of which are based in India, Portugal, Mexico City, USA, Colombia, among others. He is one of the Amazon Bestselling Authors in several international anthologies one of which is "Peace is Within Us" published by How to Write for Success Literary Network based in Trinidad and Tobago.

Nature Haiku of Shahid: 

see nature's mirror!

twilight watches it's own face

still  water looks back 

dung beetle working

rolling rolling the soil out

then a bath in dew

faithfully forever 

turning Turning- clay becomes pot

love's action through water

flowers seek the light 

you  too bend- grow that way, dear !.

the world gropes blindly

horses in water

breaking through the bright shallows

ghosts across the sky

beauty is growing

blossoms push off the dead leaves

from Love's soil fragrant blooms

hidden innocence

at the core of the red flower

tasting her beauty

soft petals closing 

blue to violet twilight sky

time for evening prayer

lights in the night mist

shining out of the darkness 

bright eyes of the cat

go towards the light

stick to security from 

the world's stifling cage 

plant truth in your heart

let your innocence flower

a rare worthy bloom 

turn your eyes towards

the goals you truly value

gather your courage 

doves fly in the air 

spreading peace in the world's sky 

soul's true submission

dainty blooms sprouting

signaling the dawn of Spring

flowers in her hair


bounty wheat crops grow

beside a crystalline lake

naked sky witness.

in a our troubled time

love has found a way  forward

two birds catch the wind

an ocean of sand

ebb-tide awaiting the sea

the shell to my ear 

from the watery waves

through the seven colors

the birds are rising

(The author has his own study and views)