Avail the benefits of Magniflex Investment Plan (MIP)


Bengaluru. Today consumer perception has evolved with people investing by insuring their life and health. With changing lifestyle, it has become more than imperative for people to also invest in a sound sleep for a good health. With this in mind, Magniflex India (Made in Italy), a luxury mattress company with a legacy of over 60 years, today launched – Magniflex Investment Plan (MIP) on the occasion of World Health Day. 

The strategic MIP by Magniflex aims to inspire the consumers of our country to invest in their health by opting for a high-tech & good quality mattress, which will take care of their spine and address other health issues like sleep deprivation. This can be availed through Magniflex’s interesting EMI options for across their category of products.

Speaking on the initiative, Mr. Anand Nichani, MD, Magniflex India said, “People have always invested in a variety of insurance schemes with a view to build their wealth and safeguard their future expenses on health. Today’s evolved consumers have realised the importance of investing in healthy living to avoid future health problems. Our EMI based Magniflex Investment Plan aims to cater all our aspiring consumers who wish to invest in a good high-quality mattress to ensure having a sound & quality sleep.”

Sleep is a crucial element in our day-to-day existence that significantly affects both our physical and mental health. The issue of sleep deprivation has become widespread, and recent research has revealed that Indian adults have been experiencing sleep-related disorders since the onset of the pandemic. According to several studies, a substantial proportion of the population (37%) struggle to fall asleep, while 27% find it challenging to remain asleep. This erratic and hectic lifestyle along with sleep deprivation is leading to experiencing health issues such as back pain and other orthopaedic problems. 

People tend to invest more in their homes, luxury cars, world tours, and so on, while ignoring their most basic need, which is their health. Investment in health should not be jeopardised. Our health is dependent on how much sleep we get. A good mattress can also help you get a good night's sleep. Magniflex’s goal is to encourage people to begin investing in their health through the Magniflex Investment Plan (MIP).

Commenting on the association, Mr. Gaurav Bajetha, VP – Global Workplace, Administration & Risk Management, Urban Company said “The work culture has undergone a profound change. We are happy to associate with 315Work Avenue for our new workspace with entirely new modern infrastructure, coupled with IT-enabled services that meets new age requirements to transform our employee experience. We are now more focused on investing in employee well-being and finding sustainable ways to conduct our business. We are sure that 315Work Avenue will live up to its high standards and set high precedents. This will further strengthen our relationship as we move forward.”