iSPELL Sahityik Satsang Reaching all corners of the nation 

Jaipur.  Reaching all corners of the nation, Indian Society for the Promotion of English Language and Literature (iSPELL India) organized its 102nd Sunday Sahityik Satsang as a gift for literature lovers, bourgeoning writers and poets bringing outstanding, nifty, pioneering, and award winning proud women writers Meghna Pant, Milan Vohra, Yasmin Sait and Dr. Shalini Mullick on the board for a delightful discourse.

As Event Coordinator of the valued session, Dr. Shalini Yadav, Professor of English, Compucom Institute of Technology and Management, Jaipur, Rajasthan, genially greeted and welcomed all revered authors, chairperson of the day, dignified officials of the society and the assembly of passionate literarians. Further she briefed about iSPELL formation, activities and its successful completion of 101 Sahityik Satsang till date and familiarized the gathering introducing the celebrated authors. 

Moderating the session, Dr. Shalini Yadav further had an exclusively productive dialogue with writers Milan Vohra, Yasmin Sait and Dr. Shalini Mullick about their journeying ahead as successful writers of bestselling fiction and non-fiction books. Authors in the discussion guided and shared their experiences about plot and character development, the technicalities of editing process and publication. They further talked about the real meaning of success, finding purpose of life and Ikigai. They deliberated about situation of women in India and how they have shared the issues of women in the country voicing them through their writings. 

Dr. Yadav advancing the discussion took few queries from audience, and expert authors sophisticatedly and quick-wittedly answered to each clearing the grey clouds about writing process floating in the minds of mushrooming writers as stimulating force for penning down. 

Proceeding with sequence of ceremonies, giving his elite reflections, Prof. Ghanshyam, Founder and General Secretary, iSPELL India and Professor of English, Directorate of Higher Education, Raipur, Chhattisgarh honored the guest authors Meghna Pant, Milan Vohra, Yasmin Sait and Dr. Shalini Mullick with certificates and appreciative librettos as a cordial gesture of indebtedness for glorifying presence and fruitful discussion. 

Pramod Dhengle, IT Coordinator, iSPELL India and Assistant Professor of English, Dr. T. K Tope College, Mumbai, Maharashtra played an important role in the successful conduction of the event providing all the technical support.

Further Dr. Shalini wholehearted exhibited gratitude towards revered authors Meghna Pant, Milan Vohra, Yasmin Sait and Dr Shalini Mullick for their gracious presence and insightful guidance for creative writing. Further she enunciated thankfulness towards Prof. G A Ghanshyam, Founder and General Secretary and noticeable literati fraternity for their precious time and presence. 

To windup with a promise of more excellent talk in forthcoming session, Dr. Yadav extended heartfelt thanks towards Mr Dhengle for aid in the efficacious progression and completion of the show. The deliberation was extensively profitable for the aspiring writers.