Aster Hospital Raise Awareness on World No Tobacco Day 

Bangalore. In a significant stride towards public health and safety, Aster Whitefield Hospital partnered with the Bangalore Traffic Police to commemorate World No Tobacco Day by raising awareness about the dangers of tobacco use. The awareness campaign took place at Hopefarm Traffic Signal and was actively supported by the students of Gopalan College of Engineering and Management, particularly from the Department of Aeronautical Engineering.

A total of 56 students and 3 faculty members from Gopalan College, alongside a dedicated team of 20 volunteers from Aster Whitefield Hospital, participated in this meaningful event. The initiative was also backed by 6 traffic police officers, led by Mr. Manjunath TH, Whitefield Traffic Inspector, who managed traffic and facilitated the smooth conduct of the campaign.

Special Highlights: The awareness campaign was creatively executed, with students and volunteers holding placards highlighting the risks associated with tobacco use. Additionally, in an innovative approach, they engaged directly with vehicle occupants during the 60-second red light intervals at the traffic junction, disseminating crucial information on the harms of tobacco consumption and the benefits of quitting.

Arun Kumar, Chief Operating Officer of Aster Whitefield Hospital, emphasized the importance of such community-centric initiatives. He stated, "World No Tobacco Day is a crucial reminder of the detrimental effects of tobacco on health. By collaborating with the Bangalore Traffic Police and involving enthusiastic young students from Gopalan College, we aim to reach a wider audience and encourage people to make healthier choices. This initiative reflects our commitment to promoting public health and well-being."

The event not only focused on raising awareness but also aimed at instilling a sense of responsibility among the youth and the general public regarding tobacco consumption. The participation and cooperation of the Bangalore Traffic Police were instrumental in ensuring the event's success, enabling a safe and organized execution of the campaign.