Offers Transport, Medical Aid, and Voting Access to Inpatients

 SPARSH Hospital Goes the Extra Mile: 

Bangalore.  In a commendable initiative, SPARSH Hospitals is extending its care beyond medical treatment by providing transportation services, comprehensive medical assistance, and convenient access to the polling booth for its inpatients. Recognizing the importance of civic participation, especially during elections, the hospital is ensuring that its patients do not miss their right to vote.

Voting is everybody’s fundamental right and responsibility. To ensure our in-patients do not miss the opportunity to vote, we are providing wheel chair facility and Ambulance services for them to the polling booths. By ensuring transportation and offering comprehensive medical assistance, we aim to make the voting process accessible and stress-free for our patients says Mr. Jospeh Pasangha, Group COO SPARSH Hospitals, Bangalore

With this service, SPARSH Hospitals aim to reduce the burden on patients and their families, by providing transport to and from the hospitals, as well as ensuring that necessary medical support is readily available throughout the voting process. This initiative underscores the hospital's commitment to holistic patient care and community welfare.