What to Do If You Sustain an Eye Injury While Playing Holi

Author : Dr Neeraj Shah 

Chief Medical Officer, Cataract, Cornea & Refractive Services, Sankara Eye Hospital, Jaipur


As Holi draws near, you might already be gearing up to make it the most vibrant day of the year. What attire should you choose for the occasion? Which recipes will dazzle your guests? Whom should you invite to join in the festivities? You've likely ticked off most of your to-do list and might have even started your Holi shopping. However, amidst the excitement, it's important to remember that without proper precautions, this colorful festival could turn unpleasant.

The eyes, being a delicate and vital organ, are particularly vulnerable to external factors, such as pigments and dyes. Be mindful that any mishap can lead to unintentional harm and dampen the celebration. Ensure the safety of your eyes while enjoying the festivities by taking precautions while applying and splashing colors.

Even with preventative measures in place, accidents may still occur. In the event of sustaining an eye injury during the festivities, it is essential to understand the importance of responding promptly and appropriately, says Dr Neeraj Shah, Chief Medical Officer, Cataract, Cornea & Refractive Services, Sankara Eye Hospital, Jaipur

#Analyse the Situation:

Upon sustaining an eye injury, it's important to stay composed and evaluate the intensity of the situation. Should you encounter pain, blurred vision, or any other worrisome symptoms, it's imperative to promptly seek medical assistance. Avoid rubbing or applying pressure to the injured eye, as this may worsen the damage. In case of eye injury, avoid carrying out any home remedy or local remedies.

#Do Not Rub your eyes:

Avoid rubbing or exerting pressure on the injured eye, as this action can exacerbate the injury or introduce harmful substances further into the eye. Instead, keep the affected eye closed and promptly seek professional medical assistance.

#Rinsing the affected Eye:

If the injury involves exposure to colorants, chemicals, or foreign objects, wash the affected eye with clean running water immediately. Use a gentle flow of water to thoroughly rinse the eye for a minimum of 15 minutes. Refrain from using any solutions or medications without consulting a medical professional.

#Seek Medical Attention:

Even if the injury seems minor initially, it's crucial to seek professional medical examination. Eye injuries can have long-term consequences if not treated promptly. Consult an Ophthalmologist or the nearest medical centre for a thorough examination and appropriate treatment. Also, it is very important to diligently follow the medical advice given by the healthcare expert to avoid any further complications.

#Preventive Measures for the Future:

After recovering from the eye injury, take proactive measures to prevent similar incidents in the future. Wear protective eyewear/sunglasses when participating in activities that involve potential eye hazards. Everyone needs to be educated to avoid throwing/splashing or spraying colours directly towards the eyes and use non-toxic colours as far as possible.

During the festive occasion of Holi, amidst the joyous celebrations, it is crucial to prioritize eye safety to avoid potential injuries. Should you experience an eye injury during the festivities, promptly adhere to these steps and seek professional medical aid. By acting swiftly and appropriately, you can minimize the extent of the injury and protect your vision for the times ahead. (The author has his own study and views)