Aster Hospital Offers Free Health Check-Ups for Auto Drivers 

Bangalore. Aster Volunteers Mobile Medical Services (AVMMS) and Aster RV Hospital, as a part of their CSR initiative, in association with Bangalore Traffic Police and Namma Yathri, conducted a medical camp aimed at empowering auto drivers with essential health awareness and screenings. The camp was organized to address the critical importance of healthcare needs of auto drivers who navigate the city's bustling streets amidst challenging conditions.

Auto drivers play a pivotal role in facilitating transportation for millions of commuters daily. However, their demanding work environment, characterized by prolonged exposure to hot weather, dense traffic, and pollution, poses significant health risks. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by auto drivers and their susceptibility to health issues, AVMMS and Aster RV Hospital joined hands with the Bangalore Traffic police and launched the medical camp to provide them with free health check-ups and health awareness.

During the medical camp, a comprehensive range of services was offered to the auto drivers and their families, including height and weight measurements, BMI assessments, blood pressure checks, sugar tests, dental examinations, and eye screenings. These screenings served as a vital tool for detecting potential health concerns and empowering participants with insights into their health status. A total of 136 families availed themselves of these services, highlighting the tangible impact of the initiative.

The medical camp not only aimed to address existing health issues but also sought to raise awareness about preventive measures and lifestyle modifications to promote overall well-being. Through personalized consultations with healthcare professionals, auto drivers were provided with guidance on improving their lifestyle choices, managing stress, and adopting healthier habits to mitigate the effects of their demanding profession on their health.

Commenting on the significance of the initiative, Dr. Venkatesh S, Lead Consultant-Cardiology of Aster RV Hospital, emphasized the importance of proactive healthcare interventions for vulnerable populations like auto drivers. "Auto drivers are the backbone of urban mobility, and their health is of utmost importance to the well-being of their communities. By conducting medical camps and providing free health check-ups, we aim to empower auto drivers with the knowledge and resources needed to prioritize their health and lead healthier lives," said Dr. Venkatesh S.

Expressing his gratitude and appreciating the gesture, Driver Mariappa said, “This free medical check-up camp organized for auto drivers is a blessing. We spend our days in tough conditions, and often neglect our health due to the demands of our profession. Thanks to initiatives like these, we can understand our health better and take steps to improve it.

The successful execution of the medical camp underlines the commitment of AVMMS and Aster RV Hospital to serve the healthcare needs of underserved communities and drive positive change through such initiatives.