Dynamic Bikeathon and Enlightening Session of World Cancer Day

Around 200 Bikers Conducted a Bikeathon as part of Cancer Awareness at SPARSH Hospital


Bangalore. As continuing the momentum from World Cancer Day and in alignment with Cancer Awareness Month, SPARSH Hospital, RR Nagar, has initiated a dynamic campaign emphasizing the importance of early detection and lifestyle modifications in combatting cancer. The campaign, which included a Bikeathon, exemplified a fusion of medical expertise, celebrity engagement, and community involvement, emphasising the collective effort required to conquer this disease.

The initiative was presided by Dr Kiran Kumar B R - Director, Medical Services, SPARSH Hospital RR Nagar. Highlighting the community's active involvement, over 200 bikers roared in a Ribbon Formation, spreading awareness from RR Nagar to the Nice Road junction. The spectacle served as a visual representation of solidarity in the fight against cancer.

The event featured an enlightening Cancer Awareness session, led by renowned oncologists Dr. Mansi Khanderia and Dr. Shobana Shekhar. Participants were educated on the significance of timely testing and lifestyle adjustments in cancer prevention and treatment. Mr. Joseph Pasangha, COO of SPARSH Hospital, reiterated the message, emphasising the conquerable nature of cancer with proactive measures.

Dr. Manshi Khanderia, Lead Consultant -Medical Oncology, SPARSH Hospital, Bangalore emphasised that "Early testing is paramount in our fight against cancer. It empowers individuals with the knowledge they need to take control of their health and make informed decisions."

Dr. Shobana Shekhar, Consultant - Head & Neck Oncology and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, SPARSH Hospital, Bangalore said, "Lifestyle tweaks may seem small, but they can have a significant impact on cancer prevention and management. Simple changes today can lead to profound benefits tomorrow."

Adding a touch of glamour and advocacy, Ms. Chaitra Vasudevan, a prominent TV anchor, highlighted the pivotal role of an active lifestyle in maintaining overall health and reducing cancer risk.

The initiative also showcased a compelling skit portraying the journey towards a cancer-free life, emphasizing the importance of timely testing, seeking the right medical care, and the unwavering support of family and community.

SPARSH Hospital reaffirmed its commitment to driving the fight against cancer, employing innovative approaches such as the Bikeathon to raise awareness and promote proactive healthcare practices.