Apollo Cancer Centres Launches 'Unmask Cancer'

This thought-provoking campaign is to foster a culture of equality and empathy within the society


Bangalore. In a poignant exploration of life post-cancer, Apollo Cancer Centres (ACCs) proudly introduces 'Unmask Cancer,' a groundbreaking campaign aimed at unravelling the truth about cancer, dispelling myths, and fostering empathy within the society. As World Cancer Day approaches, ACCs takes a bold step to address the unfortunate reality of discrimination faced by cancer winners.

'Unmask Cancer' is the journey of cancer winners who, despite showcasing exceptional skills and qualifications, grapples with the societal biases stemming from their cancer history. The campaign sheds light on the pervasive fear of prejudice, pushing individuals to conceal this vital aspect of their lives, thus echoing the experiences of countless others facing discrimination.

In this pioneering initiative, the Indian Cancer Society-a support group dedicated to the cause of fighting cancer across India since 1951, echoes the intent behind unmasking cancer. It underscores the critical role of emotional well-being in the fight against cancer and address the societal biases faced by survivors. 

The 'Unmask Cancer' initiative unveils a thought-provoking social experiment video that delves into the profound consequences of discrimination across various facets of life. Featuring individuals from diverse backgrounds, including societal, corporate, and appearance-related biases, the video culminates with only a few brave cancer winners unmasking themselves due to the support they received from their families and friends.

To create awareness and drive a meaningful change within the society including the corporate world, ACCs takes 'Unmask Cancer' initiative to the corporate sector and society at large. In addition, a Cancer Sensitization Session led by oncologists and survivors will be introduced. The session will provide an opportunity to understand the disease and break the stigma, and nuture empathy. With an aim to empower participants and enthusiasts with practical skills for a positive change in life and within the society, the session will be available both online and offline.. This engagement will help in fostering a culture of equality and empathy among the people.

Dr Jayanti Thumsi, Lead Consultant -Breast Oncology, Apollo Cancer Centre, Bangalore, said, "Our mission at ACC goes beyond providing world-class medical care. We believe in championing the rights of every individual, irrespective of their medical history. 'Unmask Cancer' is a testament to our dedication to creating a society that supports and uplifts cancer survivors."

Inspiring Cancer Survivor, Ms. Shahina Ashraf, triumphs over adversity and shares empowering message.

In a remarkable journey of resilience, Ms. Ashraf, a courageous cancer survivor, reflects on her triumph over the challenges of battling cancer. Her victory, she notes, was not merely a conquest over the disease but a profound struggle against self-pity, underscored by the empowering force of confidence.

Ms.Shahina attributes the timely detection of cancer to heightened awareness, emphasizing the pivotal role it played in expediting her treatment journey. “I am grateful for the support received during my ordeal, and towards the awareness initiatives that enabled me to navigate through the treatment process more swiftly.”

Emphasizing on the significance of this campaign, Ms Anuvinda Sadanandan, Consultant - Psycho Oncologist  Apollo Cancer Centre, Bangalore, said, "Discrimination against cancer survivors not only hampers their professional and personal lives but it also poses a significant threat to their mental and emotional well-being. 'Unmask Cancer' is an unprecedented approach to sensitize society to this critical issue and pave the way for a more compassionate world."

Mrs Kanchan Bannerjee, Honorary Secretary at Indian Cancer Society, Bangalore, said, "Psychosocial support is crucial in the journey even after cancer treatment. 'Unmask Cancer' aligns perfectly with our mission to provide holistic care, addressing both the physical and emotional aspects of survivorship."

This initiative serves as a powerful testament to ACCs’ commitment to life beyond cancer treatment. As the campaign unfolds, 'Unmask Cancer' promises to initiate a transformative dialogue, sparking empathy and paving the way for a world where cancer survivors can live, unmasked.



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