The Science of Yoga - Latent powers of human beings : Ashwini Guruji

Author : Ashwini Guruji

Ashwini Guruji is the energy and inspiration behind all the initiatives of Dhyan Foundation 

The ancient yogis were renowned for their extraordinary abilities, from clairvoyance to telepathy and beyond. Such mystical powers, termed siddhis, have been part of spiritual teachings for ages. But, can these ancient secrets and latent human potential be unlocked through the science of Yoga? Modern science estimates that humans only utilize a small fraction, around 7-8%, of their brain's capacity throughout life, leaving a vast untapped reservoir of abilities dormant.

In ancient scriptures, the Vedic rishis transmitted profound insights into the universe. Over different eras - from Satyug's shrotras to Tretayug's smritis, Dwaparyug's puranas, and finally to Kalyug's tantra and yog - these teachings evolved. This evolution reflects the dynamic nature of our existence, especially in this concluding phase of Kalyug, where unprecedented occurrences are witnessed.

Throughout history, the sacred teachings were never commodities for sale. Gurus like Drona and Parashuram made deliberate choices about their disciples. Yet, today, aspects of yoga and tantra are commercialized commodities, traded openly in markets. Such commercialization dilutes their sanctity, creating a supply-demand scenario where spiritual teachings come at a price - far removed from the deeper significance they hold.

The past, notably, had Gurus with a limited number of disciples, ensuring the authenticity of knowledge imparted. Shaktipath, a transfer of energy, was a sacred and exhaustive process. However, in present times, such practices are marketed en-masse, deviating from the authentic tradition.

Ancient texts, including Upanishads and Vedic scriptures, delve into the concept of the sukshma shareer, or the subtle body. The human body comprises multiple layers, with the physical form being just the outermost. Yogis possess the ability to access and manipulate these subtler layers, engaging in spiritual healing that alters the subtle body, as documented in Atharva Veda and Yogsutras.

Everything in existence resonates at a unique frequency, creating connections or distancing individuals based on their vibrational alignment. Yogic practices, such as Sanatan Kriya, facilitate the transformation of one's vibrational frequency from gross to subtle, guided by the Guru's drishti and dhwani (vision and sound). Seeking the Guru's guidance, ancient seekers resided in Gurukuls and ashrams, gradually elevating their frequencies and experiencing the true essence of yoga - leading to intuitive abilities, clairvoyance, and interactions with higher realms.

This profound journey unveils the immense potential latent within every individual. Embrace this transformative path and unravel the extraordinary capabilities that lie dormant within you. (The author has his own study and views)