Bijak Delivers More Personalized Customer Experience with MoEngage

Bengaluru. MoEngage, an insights-led customer engagement platform, today announced that Bijak, India’s most trusted agriculture trading platform, has experienced a significant increase in reach and engagement with its customer base and a huge uplift in CTR and customer onboarding with the help of MoEngage technology. 

Bijak is a B2B marketplace for agricultural commodities that connects buyers, sellers, traders, wholesalers, food processors, retailers and farmers. It allows producers to sell their produce at real-time prices to wholesalers and retailers. The startup also offers loans for buyers and working capital for producers. It provides aggregated logistics services to eliminate wastage and avoid partial truck loads.

With MoEngage’s Push Amplification® Plus technology, Bijak reached 22% more customers in a matter of just three months (June 2022-August 2022)! Additionally, stylized push notifications by MoEngage used to localize communication and engage Bijak’s vernacular customers also saw a 50% uplift in CTR compared to the basic push campaigns! Before partnering with MoEngage, sign-ups (i.e., customer onboarding) were also an issue that the Bijak team was looking to solve. To address this, specific journeys that were a mix of push notifications and SMS’, were set up and prompted Bijak’s customers to complete 12% more sign-up steps than they did before!

“Our growth has been greatly aided by MoEngage's cutting-edge dashboard, comprehensive analytics with behavioral insights, and outstanding customer service. With a powerful insights-led Customer Engagement Platform like MoEngage, we aim to effectively bridge the gap between the local aggregators and the commission agents in India to promote healthy, long-term relationships between the entities”, said Jitender Bedwal, Co-Founder and CTO, Bijak.  

“Our aim is to make sure we have a clear view of what goals our customers want to achieve and look at things objectively. With that visibility, our team is able to provide the best guidance on how brands can engage their customers through consistent, personalized, and seamless experiences across all touchpoints. We are delighted to see the kind of results Bijak is able to attain with us as their trusted engagement partner and strive to support them to reach the zenith of success!” said MoEngage’s Chief Business Officer (APAC & EMEA), Yash Reddy.