I ACT FAST for Pediatric First Aid Training

 Aster RV Hospital unveils new campaign 



Bangalore.   In conjunction with Children’s Day, Aster RV Hospital unveils ‘I ACT FAST’ campaign for Pediatric First Aid training – an ‘Algorithmic First Aid Training’. This unique initiative provides training to address common childhood illnesses and injuries. The first-of-its-kind campaign launched at RV Educational Institutions (RVEI) aims to educate and offer guidance to parents, teachers, and caregivers on pediatric first aid.

Taking care of kids is an extremely delicate task as they are ill and accident-prone. This is true for children of all ages- from newborns, and infants to older kids who are almost fully grown. Hence it is of utmost importance that anybody who has the responsibility of taking care of kids, whether it is a parent, teacher, babysitter, or older sibling should know the very basics of how to act in an emergency situation.

Bearing this in mind, the perpetual campaign ‘I ACT FAST’ is designed to have an algorithmic approach to nearly 15 common illnesses and injuries children are prone to. 

·         I-Identify the injury or illness

·         A-Activate emergency services as necessary

·         C-Control /cure the emergency

·         T-Transport to the nearest facility &

·         First Aid Safety Training

Calling this initiative, the need of the hour, and the necessity to address the parenting community a top priority, Dr. Sujatha Thyagarajan, Sr. Consultant – Pediatrics & Pediatric Intensive Care, Aster RV Hospital said, “Children are vulnerable to various illnesses and injuries which requires immediate attention. Unfortunately, the majority of caregivers, parents, and teachers are not familiar with first-aid care for children. In times of emergency, there is usually panic followed by google suggestions and other informal practices. Hence there is a need for structured and informed training of the caregivers so the right care can be given. The initiative is a hybrid one inculcating the best of offline and online practices. Also, the aim is to reach as many people as possible by spreading awareness. This can be achieved by the multiplier effect of participants. The idea is that the trained people would further train others and spread the message of attending to the health needs of children.”

This course is basic and necessary and will cover the most common situations that can and will arise, as well as less common but dangerous situations that require an immediate response. After taking this course caregivers will feel more comfortable and confident. There are many situations where appropriate steps taken immediately can save the lives of our children, prevent future complications, prevent bad situations from getting worse, and make sure that the healing process starts effectively. The aim of this program is to empower the community in handling such common emergencies in children.

Parents, caregivers, teachers, and students interested in taking part in this campaign can register via an email shared.