I Spell Rajasthan Forum organize E-Seminar on ‘Translating Orality'


Jaipur.  An E-Seminar on ‘Translating Orality : Pictorial Narrative Traditions With Reference to Phad And Kaavad’ was  organized by Indian Society For The Promotion Of English Language and Literature (I Spell) Rajasthan Forum. The Keynote speaker Dr. Divya Joshi, Associate Professor, Govt. Dungar College, Bikaner, detailed  the Concept of Oral Literature, and Oral Text. She elaborated the Philosophy of language and translation and highlighted the Story telling tradition with reference to Phad and Kavad.

Dr. Praveen Mirdha, Associate Professor, Govt. Girls’ College, Ajmer, chaired the session and analysed the significant points about Orality and Tradition. She briefed the power of Oral presentation  and its contribution in bringing people together, with illustrations of ‘Natyashastra’,’ Sarang’, ‘Bhagwad Geeta’.

Dr. Vibha Tiwari  was master of ceremonies and Dr. Alka Bhakar coordinated the event. Dr. Shalini Yadav, PRO i Spell,  summed up the event with focusing light on various areas of Pictorial Narrative. Dr.  Preeti Chaudhary, President, presented the certificates and appreciated the session. Prof. Ghanshyam, Secretary, I Spell, encouraged the guests and gathering.

Dr. Haseena Kabeer, Convener, appreciated and extended her vote of thanks. More than 75 participants, research scholars and members joined the event.