Maleesha Kharwa all set to release Youtube on April 16, 2021

 Live Your Fairytale, a short film made by Arsala Qureishi and Jas Sagu.

Mumbai. They have never been inside a restaurant or eaten in a room with four walls but today is a different day in their lives. A day when five children who live in a Mumbai slum under a tarpaulin cover experience eating at a restaurant for the first time in their lives.

'Live Your Fairytale’  is about magic, the magic of kindness, empathy and the triumph of the human spirit. It is also about a twelve-year-old girl who resides in a slum in India, she is single handedly destroying patriarchy and enabling change as she paves the way for equality and economic freedom in her family and community. Directed by Arsala Qureishi (Angry Indian Goddesses) and Jas Sagu, Live Your Fairytale will release on April, 16, 2021 on Maleesha's Youtube channel.

It is a true documentation of the day a group of Mumbai children who live in a slum embark on the first time experience of eating in a restaurant. There are no actors in this film but people living a different day in their lives.