Yoggendra Waghe is making his name as singer and music director

Amitabh Bachchan praised and blessed him for his works for future projects in the film industry


Mumbai. Mumbai-based Yoggendra Waghe is making his name as singer-director in Serial albums and movies in the film industry. He was born and brought up in the Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh which is also the native land of music legend, Kishore Kumar. His father is Rajendra Kumar Waghe and his mother is Anita Waghe. When he was four years old, he started taking interest in music and singing and has participated and won in many singing competitions in school. He completed his engineering and MBA but never broke his bond with music, and finally, in 2005, he succeeded in making his career in singing and music composing. Soon, the renowned record music company, T-series released his music album, “Jap re bande tu Shivnaam” worldwide which received appreciation from a wide range of audiences. Afterward, Yoggendra Waghe worked in many films and TV serials as an Assistant Music Director.
Yoggendra Waghe also worked on international projects like “Dil hai Nagma Nigar” which is a Fusion album. Yoggendra composed the music and has worked on the music arrangement and the music production of this album. After its launch in the USA by a Mumbai-based Red Ribbon company, Yoggendra received wide recognition on an international platform. He gave background music in various Hindi, Marathi, and Punjabi films. His devotional album on Shri, Dadaji Dhuniwale is also very popular. His songs, “Kab loge dadaji ka naam”, “Jholi bhar do Dadaji , “Chal sathiya dada dham” are a few of his most popular albums on the Internet and his “Bhar do jholi meri Dhuniwale” song has millions of views on YouTube and other platforms. Recently, Yoggendra Waghe released his song, “Bekarar Mahi” from Dabang 3. The song is released by TIPS music , Yoggendra waghe not  only composed this song , he makes important role in this song, from music composition to music arrangement and music production , everything was done by Yoggendra Waghe in this song, which is sung by shabab sabri singer of dabang3
 Amitabh Bachchan appreciated Yoggendra’s works many times. On his birthday, Yoggendra gifted him “Ramayan” and a painting of his childhood picture. Amitabh Bachhan praised him for his works and blessed him for future projects. According to Yoggendra, “I met Amitabh Bachhan sir several times and I am very grateful for his guidance and blessings. He wishes me on festivals and birthdays. This year too, I received his best wishes which made my birthday very memorable.” Not only this, but Yoggendra also worked in many ad films, cover songs, and jingles which is very popular among the audiences. Currently, Yoggendra is working on romantic films and women-oriented films like, “Aparajita” which is scheduled to be released soon by a big music company. In 2021, Yoggendra made original singles like “He Sharde Maa”, “Rudrasthak”, “Banjrang bali mere data”, and “Shri Ganesh Vandana” which was released by AR films & Entertainment. Recently, he is working on a romantic album which will be presented to the audience soon as one of the best upcoming music projects.