Shri JJT University records selection of boys and girl students in NCC


Jhunjhunu. Shri Jagdishprasad Jhabarmal Tibrewala University has recently observed the NCC recruitment process for new students who have taken admission in the first year. On January13th, 2021, the physical examination, written examination and interview of the contestants took placeas part of the NCC recruitment process after JJT University got approval from NCC headquarters to set up NCC unit. At the end of the process, 20 students and 7 girls were selected as cadets. 

(Col.)Ganesh Bhatt, Army Medal, Commanding Officer and Lt.(Col.) Ramesh Kumar, Admin Officer, 2nd Rajasthan Battalion, NCC Churu, executed the event in their presence. On this occasion, Pro-ChairpersonDr. (Brig.) Surjit Singh Pabla, President Dr. (Col.) Nagraj Mantha, and Pro-President Dr. (Commodore) Jawahar Jangirencouraged and assured the elected students about their future plansin the sports complex of JJT University.

Having an army background of Pro-Chairperson Dr. (Brig.) Surjit Singh Pabla, President Dr. (Col.) Nagaraj Mantha, and Pro-President Dr. (Commodore) Jawahar Jangir, the interest to serve the Indian Army by the youth of the region is credited to the steps taken by these high officials which is considered a commendable effort. 

The entire team of 2ndRajasthan Battalion, NCC, thanked the University for this program conducted under the supervision of Pro-President Dr.Anurag and Pro-President Dr. (Commodore) Jawahar Jangir and under the disciplined cooperation of Caretaker Dr. Arun Kumar and other staff members of the University. After their selection, the University has prepared a project to materialize their future plans so that their dreams of serving in the Indian Army can be fulfilled.

About JJT University:

With 15 institutes and 87 departments, JJTU is universally recognized for its impeccable credentials of being a top-ranking university among private universities all over the state. With an eventful history of 11 years, the JJT University (Founded 2009), has emerged as the most vibrant Rural Education Hub in Rajasthan.

The university has highly qualified and experienced faculty, educated from premier institutions of India. The university has been awarded with Excellent University for Ph.D. Research Program and CCI Technology Education Excellent Award by Communication Multimedia and Infrastructure (CMAI) Association of India.  The university is research-oriented and having a focus on innovations and novel research. The university has the memberships of various trade associations like ISO, FICCI, COSIA, AIU and CSI India, etc. For the empowerment of women and advancement of girl education, the university provides a 75% tuition fee concession for all girl students. The university has won UNESCO special service prize for its works and contribution in the field of education in August 2010 and several other industry-level certifications. (Pressnote)