An emotional turmoil takes over Bhimrao and his family


Mumbai. Very soon, &TV's EkMahanayak Dr B. R. Ambedkar will see Bhimrao (AayudhBhanushali) and his family suffer a great loss. Bheema Bai (Neha Joshi) is informed by the Vaidh (Doctor) that she won’t be alive for long. She tries her best to keep this news from her family, but eventually the truth would be known to all. Bhimrao, Ramji (Jagannath Nivangune) and the entire family, are deeply saddened and caught in an emotional turmoil as they can do nothing but accept the inevitable. Meanwhile, Bhimabai tries her best to ensure that her family understands how important it is to stand by each other, stay unified even after she’s  gone. What would the future have once Bheema Bai is gone? How would fate twist it turn? Talking about the emotional track, Neha Joshi shares, "It is a very painful moment for the entire family. Bhimabai has been ailing for a very long time and, when it is revealed that she only has a few days to live, sadness erupts in the family.”